Whether you need to store, cool, heat, blend, mix, or process, our outstanding craftsmanship will ensure the quality of your product. The Syrup Room equipment is designed to blend and mix liquid syrup components including liquid sugar, glucose, additional sweeteners, water and other syrup components. It is also capable of blending and mixing still fruit containing beverages. Once blended the product is automatically delivered to the consuming equipment under temperature adjustable conditions as required.

TEBIOME installs syrup and dairy rooms for the food, dairy and beverages

industry constructed with the highest quality standards and always according to the specifications of the client and with all the appropriate certifications.

TEBIOME's range of syrup and dairy rooms includes syrup rooms for beverage and juice plants syrup rooms for hot fill applications syrup rooms for aseptic filling and dairy rooms for the cheese and milk production industry.

All of TEBIOME's Syrup and Dairy Rooms can be designed with the capability of an integrated CIP system.