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TEBIOME has been manufacturing demanding, reliable and cost-effective on site applications for the food & beverages, chemical, energy and pharmaceutical industries around the globe for over 20 years.

TEBIOME is internationally recognized for its capabilities in analyzing and solving complex engineering problems by combining resources and experience. The company's capabilities range from engineering maintenance projects to sophisticated large scale turnkey projects for multinational companies around the globe.

TEBIOME develops, designs and constructs Water Treatment Systems, Clean-In-Place Systems, Syrup Rooms and other demanding applications aiming at quality and long-lasting resistance.

About US
Our vision

Since the early beginning of our company, one of our main goals has been to create a company that combines a staff of engineers and experienced specialists, in a workplace where demanding projects would be designed and constructed. And we succeeded!

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Products and Services

Products and Services

TEBIOME solutions can provide you with top results in automation and quality control, reduced material losses and energy efficiency. We are able to either start a project from zero or install and integrate into existing facilities.

We design, construct and install:

  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Clean In Place systems
  • Syrup and dairy rooms
  • Pressure Vessel & Inox Tanks
  • Hygienic Orbital fusion welding Networks
  • LPG and Natural Gas installations
  • High and Low Pressure Air Piping Network
  • Cooling, Heating, Ventilation Systems and Air Conditioning
  • (HVAC) Systems
  • Fire Extinguisher Systems
  • Steam Piping and Boiler Rooms
  • Heat exchanger systems

Water treatment systems TEBIOME delivers expert solutions concerning water treatment and pre treatment systems, as well as filtration equipment, such as:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Automatic Sand and Carbon Filters
  • Automatic Water Softeners
  • Electrodeionization
  • Ultra Violet Sterilizers (UV)
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Ozonation Systems
  • Chlorination Systems

TEBIOME installs CIP systems in the food, dairy, beverage pharmaceutical and chemical industry and has the experience and the know-how to successfully design, implement and install all types of automatic and manual CIP systems.

TEBIOME's CIP systems provide maximum efficiency throw their design and their intelligent programming of CIP cycles. All CIP units are custom made according to the client’s specifications and needs and designed to meet the maximum performance with the minimum cost and energy consumption.

TEBIOME installs syrup and dairy rooms for the food, dairy and beverages industry constructed with the highest quality standards and always according to the specifications of the client and with all the appropriate certifications. TEBIOME's range of syrup and dairy rooms includes syrup rooms for beverage and juice plants syrup rooms for hot fill applications syrup rooms for aseptic filling and dairy rooms for the cheese and milk production industry. All of TEBIOME's Syrup and Dairy Rooms can be designed with the capability of an integrated CIP system.

Our Projects
Our Projects

TEBIOME has implemented numerous turnkey projects with leading multinational companies to bring to its clients cutting edge technologies in demanding applications around the globe.

Customer Suport

Pre-fabricated and tailor made solutions

Most of TEBIOME products and projects can be pre-fabricated at our plant according to the customer’s specifications and tailor made needs.

Close to our Customers

For TEBIOME the commissioning of a project is the starting point of a long lasting customer relation.

Free Service for our Customers

TEBIOME’s Information Support Department (ISD) provides key support from different publishing companies, consulting organizations, institutions, engineering companies, freelance engineers andgovernmental organizations.

24/7 Customer Support

TEBIOME’s policy is to support all customers on a 24 hours / 7 days’ timeframe taking into consideration that a breakdown in a production facility could cost millions of Euros.

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