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Customer Support

Pre-fabricated and tailor made solutions

Most of TEBIOME products and projects can be pre-fabricated at our plant according to the customer’s specifications and tailor made needs. The advantages of pre-fabrication are the faster completion and commissioning of the project and the in depth testing of the system prior to operation.

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Customer Support

Close to our Customers

For TEBIOME the commissioning of a project is the starting point of a long lasting customer relation. At TEBIOME we are close to our customers and we provide them with a total system solution not only in the engineering and technical field but also in training and the information infrastructure of their business.

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Customer Support

Free Service for our Customers

TEBIOME’s Information Support Department (ISD) provides key support from different publishing companies, consulting organizations, institutions, engineering companies, freelance engineers and governmental organizations. ISD has implemented a huge database library consisting of thousands of electronic and printed documents which are accessible by our expert teams and also available without charge to our customers under different support programs. The database includes information from different engineering fields like construction, water treatment, thermodynamics, production, materials, automation chemistry, electronics, electrical engineering, corrosion and a lot more.

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Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

TEBIOME’s policy is to support all customers on a 24 hours / 7 days’ timeframe taking into consideration that a breakdown in a production facility could cost millions of Euros. We can mobilize personnel and equipment quickly and efficiently in response to customers request in any place in the globe.